JCPenney Unveils a ‘Brand Defining’ New Store [Updated]

JCPenney is Launching your new brand-defining store, which defines a JCPenney shopping experience. Let me tell you a bit of what a brand-defining store is.

JCPenney “Brand Defining” is the total articulation of our customer strategy. It is an investment in JCPenney’s future, and JCP sees it as a lab store where they are taking all the research. All the insights that we’ve gained over the past year in talking to thousands of customers and having it be a complete manifestation into this store so that JCPenney can get customer reaction.

They can get customer preferences and gather more information based on what JCP customer wants from them and what they’re permitting us to be for them as they can move forward. 

JCPenney Brand Defining New Store

The brand-defining store is a lab store, and it’ll constantly be learning there are over 100 touch points that JCP will be measuring and monitoring to read their customer’s insights. JCPenney will use that information to ultimately fuel chain refresh. The brand’s components of finding a store that they decide to put in other stores will all be connected to solid ROI measurements that they will hold ourselves accountable.

JCPenney Store Optimization Strategy

The great thing about the brand-defining store is that there are components in this store chain-wide. So, for instance, JCPenney merchandise did not bring new merchandise into the store. This is the JC Penney merchandise that can be found at every store. Also, their marketing campaign all-around customer research and this idea of establishing an emotional connection with customers. They’ll also have our great associates in all of our stores. JCPenney is supporting their associates chain-wide so that they can serve the customers and in which the way they want to.

JCPenney has passionate associates, over ninety thousand of them and looking at this excellent store fleet no more than eight hundred and fifty stores. 

Additional Information

There are some concerns that perhaps the feet are too big at JC Penney. They are staying very close to their entire fleet. JCPenney knows precisely how every store is operating, and they’ll continue to monitor that and stay close to it. There was something significant about this 117 year – the young brand that just needed to establish an emotional connection with their customer. 

Final Words

JCPenney wants a store that reflects their lifestyle and helps them be their best and feel their best. JCP wants a retailer that understands the moments in their life, big and small, and helps bring those to life for them, and they want a fun place to shop. A place that they can share with other people.

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