JCPenney Associate Kiosk App

Are you an employee at JCPenney? If yes, then the JCPenney Associate Kiosk App is your go-to resource for staying on top of all employee information.

JCPenney Associate Kiosk

With the app, you can view your payroll information, manage your benefits and even submit employee service requests directly from your mobile device.

The app also provides access to company announcements, so you’re always in the know about what’s happening at JCPenney. Whether you work full-time or part-time, the JCP Kiosk App is the perfect way to stay connected and informed while on the go!

JCPenney Associate Kiosk App

The JCPenney Kiosk App is a mobile application designed specifically for JCPenney employees. It offers a convenient way to access important work-related information, such as your schedule, pay stubs, and benefits. The app is available for free on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

With the app, you can stay connected to your work from anywhere and get things done quickly. It’s a great way to keep track of your hours, view available shifts, submit time-off requests, and more.

You can even access online training and important news updates about JCPenney. There are a variety of helpful features within the app that will help you stay organized and on top of your work.

How to Download

Downloading the JCP Kiosk App is simple and straightforward. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the App Store or Google Play on your mobile device.
  2. Search for “JCPenney Kiosk App.”
  3. Click the “Download” or “Get” button to install the app.
  4. Wait for the app to download and install on your device.

Once the app is installed, you’ll be ready to log in and start using its many features.

Mobile Login

To log in to the JCPenney App, you’ll need to have your login credentials handy. Here’s how to log in:

  1. Open the JCP Associate Kiosk App on your mobile device.
  2. Enter your employee ID and password in the appropriate fields.
  3. Click the “Login” button.

If you don’t have your login credentials, you can call the JCPenney HR hotline or ask a store manager for assistance.

Features Of the Portal

The JCP App offers a wide range of features that make managing your work life easier than ever before. Here are just a few of the app’s features:

  • Schedule Viewer – Easily view and manage your work schedule.
  • Benefits Finder – Explore the benefits available to you as a JCPenney employee.
  • Pay Stubs – Access and print your pay stubs at any time.
  • Time Clock – Clock in or out with just a few taps.
  • Submitted Requests – View the status of any requests you have submitted.
  • Training Modules – Take advantage of online training and increase your knowledge.


Can I access the JCPenney Associate Kiosk App outside of work?

Yes, you can access the app from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

Is the JCP Kiosk App free?

Yes, the app is free to download and use for JCPenney employees.

Can I use the App to request time off?

Yes, you can use the app to request time off and manage your work schedule.

Is the JCPenney Kiosk App secure?

Yes, the app is designed with security in mind, and your login credentials and personal information are kept safe and secure.

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