JCPenney Gift Card 2023

Do you want to know about the JCPenney gift card? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here, in this article, we will share everything about the JCPenney gift card and e-Gift card, such as the benefits of JCPenney gift card, how to use it, how to check balance online, how to send a JCPenney gift card to a friend, and more.

JCPenney Gift Card

JCP Gift Card

JCPenney Kiosk Gift Card is a card that has monetary value that you can use to gift your friends on their special day, birthday, and achievements.

Buying a JCPenney gift card is an easy and quick process; you can buy it online, by call, or at the store. You can also send it to say “thank you” to someone.

They can use it at the JCPenney store, online at JCPenney store includes jcpsalon, jcpoptical, jcpcustom decorating, and jcpportraits (in-store only).

How to Use Jcpenney Gift Card or e-Gift Card?

When you shop online on, you can use your jcpenney gift card or an e-gift card to pay. Then, select a gift card or e-gift card as a payment method at the checkout.

You can also use it when you place order over the phone. To order at JCPenney by telephone, call 1.800.222.6161 and place your order and tell him/her that you want to pay with your JCPenney gift card. The JCP representative will ask for you your card number and ID number for payment.

If you want to use a jcpenney gift card at the JCPenney store, provide your card for payment at the time of purchase. If you have an e-gift card, then show your email to sales associates.

How to send a JCPenney Gift Card to a friend?

Buying e gift cards is now more straightforward and more fun than ever. Set the gift card amount and if it’s for a friend or yourself, enter your friend’s name and email address or mobile number.

If you want to send the gift card in a text message, you can also choose a friend from Facebook or google+.

If you’d like to make this a social gift, add a personal message and set the delivery date and time. Personalize your gift with a message and an animated greeting card, add a photo or record a video message.

Invite friends to chip in to make it a group gift. You can invite friends by Facebook, email, or text message.

We have lots of convenient payment options, including pay with PayPal, Bitcoin, and MX Express Checkout.

Your gift will be delivered to your lucky friend on the date you chose with all the contributions, messages, and videos that were added.

They can start using their gift card immediately online or in the store; you can print it or even save it to their mobile device.

How to Print and Hand Deliver a Jcpenney Gift Card to A Friend?

Jcpenney offers the convenience and immediacy of a digital gift card. With the familiarity and personal touch of handing someone a beautifully printed gift certificate when placing your order, you’ll be given the option to print a card, select this option, and when your order is complete. You’ll have a PDF that you can print and hand-deliver to your friend.

Where Can I Buy a Jcpenney Gift Card?

JCPenney Gift Card

You can purchase a JCP gift card at the store and also order online from CashStar on a partner site. Follow the below steps to buy a jcpenney gift card online:

  • Click here to visit the jcpenney gift card order webpage.
  • There will be two options; shop for an e-gift card or mail a gift card.
  • If you want an e-gift card, then click on the first option. It will redirect you to the CashStar website. Now, enter all the information and follow instructions.
  • If you want to buy a physical gift card, then click on the second option. It will take you to another webpage.
  • There will be many gift cards listed. Select which you want and enter the amount. Click on the “add to cart” button and enter the address where you want to send it.

How to Activate a JCPenney Gift Card?

You can activate your JCPenney kiosk gift card at the store, over the phone, or online. However, most gift cards are already activated when you purchase them.

But there are a few cards when you need to activate before use.

  • If you purchase a gift card offline at the JCPenney store, you can ask the cashier to activate it.
  • If you purchase it online, then you can activate the JCPenney gift card over the phone. There JCPenney gift card helpdesk center phone number is listed on the backside of your card. 
  • Call on that phone number and ask them to activate your card. They will ask you for some information like your card number, SSN, etc.

Can I use my JCPenney card at CVS?

You may use your JCPenney store card at JCPenney, JC, five-star Outlet stores in some CVS and Rite Aid stores.

As long as your JCPenney card has a small sign of a Visa or a MasterCard or the American Express logo on there, you should be able to use your card wherever Visa and Mastercard American Express cards are accepting.

How to Check JCPenney Gift Card Balance?

You can check your JCPenney gift card balance online or over the phone. Following are the step-by-step guide to JCP check gift card balance:

Online JCP Gift Card Balance Check

  • Click here to go to the JCPenney gift card balance check official webpage.
  • Now, enter your 19-digits gift card number and 4-digits pin.
  • After entering details, solve the reCAPTCHA.
  • Then, click on the “Check Balance” button.

JCPenney Gift Card Balance check by the call.

  • Call on 1.800.294.8804 phone number.
  • Enter your gift card number when prompted.
  • Then, it will tell you your JCPenney card balance.

Final Words

JCPenney gift cards are the best gift to give your friend or family their success on any occasion. You don’t have to think about gifts; they can buy whatever that need. We hope our article will be helpful for you. If you have any queries related to the JCPenney gift card, let us know through the comment.


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